Isopix: your partner for historic photos

Isopix: your partner for historic photos

The Isopix photo agency offers you an incredible range of historic images and photos.

Isopix offers you a splendid collection of historic photos dating back to the early 20th century. But as well as photos, there are drawings, cartoons and posters.

Here on our website, you will find a photographic record of all the key events from world history, including the two World Wars, the 1917 Russian Revolution, the Cuban crisis, etc.

In addition, there are photos cataloguing the history of Belgium, including photos of the 1967 fire at Innovation in Brussels, Jacques Brel in concert, Eddy Merckx in his pomp, photos from King Philippe’s early childhood, etc.

Alongside history’s key moments, you can also find the leading historic figures, such as Gandhi, Mandela, the US presidents, Adolf Hitler, Albert Einstein, Mao Zedong, etc.

But Isopix also covers the history of our daily lives, with collections offering you photos and illustrations on everyday life, objects through time, the radio, the typewriter, furniture, etc.

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About Isopix

ISOPIX was created in 1984. Very quickly the agency took its marks and will be recognized as a reliable partner offering a wide portfolio of images in the fields of editorial and documentary. More recently ISOPIX has successfully launched the distribution of niche content and offers a unique portfolio of creative, original images available in “rights managed” and “royalty free”.

The content of ISOPIX (photos and videos) is focused on a strong and renewed local offer as well as on a broad international offer that is enriched daily with more than 15 000 visuals.

ISOPIX distributes in Belgium images of prestigious et renowned agencies as Associated Press, Sipa Press, Splash, Rex Shutterstock, Camera Press, Belga, Starface, X17, August, etc. These editorial agencies have recently been reinforced by specialized sources such as AKG Images, Stockfood, Photocuisine, Living4Media, Science Photo Library, etc.

Historically, ISOPIX has a strong team of photographers and editors who provide assignment photography and services to the media, Belgian and International institutions and companies.

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