Isopix: your leading partner for décor and garden photos

Isopix: your leading partner for décor and garden photos

The Isopix photo bank also includes a comprehensive range of creative images on decoration and the garden.

Thursday, January 5, 2017 — Remodelling, converting, embellishing your indoor and outdoor space as the seasons pass. Our photo collections of décor and gardens offer you a host of ideas and inspirations.

New colours for brightening up your walls or windows, storage solutions for your home’s different rooms, ideas for transforming your bathroom, living room or kitchen.  How to rethink your small or large spaces and find good ideas for limited budgets and all age ranges.

All sorts of different styles and moods, from the most refined to the most kitsch, and from the cosiest to the most designer.

Within the Isopix collections, you will also find table decoration ideas for Xmas, Easter and Halloween, Do-It-Yourself solutions for those who like to be hands-on, and ideas for restoring dilapidated items unearthed at flea markets.

For the garden, our collections include practical tips for enhancing your outdoor space to suit the season, whether in the city or out in the country.

How to prune, sculpt, treat and sort, how to create a small pond or a vertical garden...

Courtesy of these photos from the Isopix collections, you can put a plethora of ideas into practice, from the simplest to the most intricate. There’s plenty to choose from for all tastes.