Associated Press agency photos distributed and represented by Isopix

Associated Press agency photos distributed and represented by Isopix

Isopix is the Belgian distributor of photos from Associated Press, the planet’s largest and most prestigious press agency.

America’s famous Pulitzer Prize for excellence in journalism has bestowed 45 awards on photographers from the Associated Press agency. This speaks volumes about the quality of the articles which AP’s photojournalists produce each day in all four corners of the globe.

Some 2,000 articles per day and 1 million photos per year are produced under the Associated Press banner, across all fields, from sport to politics and in entertainment and fashion, as well as music news.

What’s more, Isopix also offers you access to the AP archives. For over 100 years, AP photographers have been capturing the most iconic images in history. These include such timeless moments as Marilyn Monroe posing by New York metro entrance in 1954; Martin Luther King making his 'I have a dream' speech at the Washington Lincoln Memorial in August 1963; the napalm attack on Vietnam in 1972 where a terrified young girl is running along the road; the man defying a column of tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989; the Concorde crash in July 2000; the man falling head-first from the World Trade Center’s North Tower on 11 September 2001; the images of the explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003; the photo of the Americans killed in Iraq and suspended from a bridge in March 2004… to name but a few.

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About Isopix

Our photo agency was created in 1984.
ISOPIX has developed real expertise in corporate photography.
We support companies, European institutions and other organizations in their visual communication needs. Experienced professionals: photographers, videographers and editors immortalize all your important moments. We support and strengthen your projects and illustrate them with a guarantee of quality.

ISOPIX is also a recognized photo press agency that offers a wide range of editorial and documentary photos as well as specialized content. We offer a unique portfolio of editorial, creative and original images, the content of which is enriched daily with 15,000 visuals.
We distribute prestigious and recognized international photo agencies in Belgium such as Associated Press, Sipa Press, Splash, Rex Shutterstock, Camera Press, Starface, X17, August, etc.. These editorial collections have recently been reinforced by specialized sources such as AKG Images, Stockfood, Photocuisine, Living4Media, Science Photo Library, etc..

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